Monday, June 29, 2009

To write love on his arms

I'm in Boston for the summer working as a residential counselor for a prestigious summer dance program. Last night I was working a double in the boys' dorm and I was able to really earn my keep in quite a teaching moment.

I had a resident wander in and I noticed his disposition was off. He's normally bubbly and enthusiastic, but last night he was quite reserved. I kept asking him what was wrong and he kept saying he was alright. Of course, I didn't believe him and a couple hours later he was ready to talk.

It turns out, this kid's story isn't too far off from mine. Life for us ain't been no crystal stair. I apologized for knowing exactly how he felt. Stories like ours are not easy to hear, let alone tell, but I was able to listen to him, validate his experiences and give him valuable advice where others would have just said "I don't know what to say." those are the most difficult words to hear after you pour your heart out to another person. I am grateful I've been through enough adversity to not have to say that to him.

Instead, I wrote love on his arms and let him know that he's not alone. As long as l am around, he's got someone in his corner who knows EXACTLY where he's coming from.

I'm grateful for that moment last night and I'm glad I was able to be what he needed in that moment. I have been fortunate enough to have people who helped me when I was in his position. I'm glad I finally got to pay it forward.
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